Jade & Hardstone

Available Pieces
  • R1223


    Chinese pure white jade thin snuff bottle of flattened form, well-hollowed with an oval neck and oval raised foot rim, with recessed base, the stone of even white colour, with fitted rose quartz stopper.

  • R1207


    Chinese jade waterpot carved as an upright lotus leaf with relief veins, beside a pod, another leaf and branches forming the foot rim, the stone of pale celadon tone.

  • M5155


    A Chinese jade carving of an elephant with two standing boy attendants caring for it, one holding a brush at the flank, the other holding another brush behind its right ear, all on a carved wave ground, the stone pale celadon with natural russet markings used.

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  • R1026


    A Chinese jade pendant in the form of a melon with butterflies, the stone white.

  • M4767


    Chinese large pale celadon jade brushwasher carved as an openwork double-gourd with long branches, tendrils and leaves, the largest two both with relief veins, beside another double-gourd, the curved end carved with a gnarled branch.

  • R1175


    Chinese white jade carving of a recumbent horse with its head turned biting its hoof, with detailed hair work to the mane and tail.

  • R1183


    Chinese white jade brushrest carved with a crane standing on a rock looking back at a pine tree, all amongst rockwork with a lingzhi spray, the reverse carved as rockwork.

  • SB29


    Chinese white jade openwork rectangular plaque carved with two pheasants amongst prunus flowers with scrolling branches and leaves, within a rectangular frame, the reverse plain.

  • R1184


    A Chinese pure white jade carving of a mandarin duck and its young, each resting on a large lotus leaf with overturned edge amongst lotus flowers and leaves, with detailed work to the eyes and wing feathers.

  • M3078


    Spill holder carved as two naturalistic tree trunks with branches of prunus, bamboo and lingzhi, with an open-winged bat joining the two trunks, the underside naturalistically carved, the stone black and grey.

  • 1. M5011


    Chinese jade archaic disc, bi, of small size incised on each side with a cross-hatch grid pattern forming hexagonal relief seeds, all raised within plain bands.

  • 2. M5010


    Chinese jade archaic disc, bi, of small size, carved on both sides with C-scrolls between raised borders.

  • 5. M4997


    Chinese jade pouring vessel, yi, with a large ring handle extending into an upturned lip, the rim with fluting between three relief ribs, all on three short feet.

  • 7. M5001


    Chinese large jade pebble carved as a recumbent two-horned qilin resting amongst ruyi-clouds supporting a book wrapped in a closed box secured on the front by tabs, resting on its haunches, the body with detailed work to the spine, mane, tail and scales, the back legs and split hooves neatly tucked underneath.

  • 8. M4983


    Chinese large jade libation vessel carved in the form of a peach stone with naturalistic grooved underside, the flat everted rim carved in relief with a twenty-character inscription and date, the interior plain.

  • 9. M5009


    Chinese jade circular disc, bi, carved in high relief with a bifid-tailed chilong dragon holding a fruiting lingzhi branch with large leaves in its mouth, the dragon’s body with scrolls on its haunches and detailed claws, the underside with an intricate grain pattern between raised borders.

  • 10. M5015


    Chinese small jade carving of a crouching tiger, hu, with incised lines to the body, whiskers and long tail folded back on its body, with detailed claws and ears.

  • 11. M5019


    Chinese large jade carving of a seated single-horned open-mouthed pixiu, with raised head, bulging eyes, pronounced spine and claws, detailed hairwork to the body, mane, tail, jowls, eyebrows and a long goatee beard above the ribbed chest, the body with detailed flames and scrolls on the haunches and further hairwork to the edges of the legs.

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