Jade & Hardstone

Available Pieces
  • 25. M4996


    Chinese jade treasure sack, bao fu ping, of pomegranate form with well-hollowed interior, tied at the neck with a long flowing ribbon, the fluted body carved in relief with two dragons amongst stylised ruyi-clouds, the scales on their bodies intricately incised, the larger winged dragon with flames on the body, spikes on the spine and detailed hairwork to the mane, with a relief seven-character couplet, zhong you yun qi sui fei long, “there are clouds and mists following the flying dragons”, the underside gently recessed.

  • 27. M4984


    Chinese jade oval waterpot carved in high relief with four dragons grasping the sides in pursuit of a flaming pearl amongst stylised lingzhi clouds and above detailed swirling and crested waves, with further hairwork to the dragons’ manes, the interior well-hollowed.

  • R1094


    Chinese jade archaic style belt buckle carved with scrolls, ruyi-heads and fretwork within a recessed panel, the dragon’s head hook with fretwork on its nose and forehead, the button on their underside carved as a flower head, the stone white.

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  • M2889


    Chinese jade pebble-form group of recumbent deer, lu, and fawn, the parent holding a fruiting lingzhi branch in its mouth, their pelts delicately incised with stars, both resting in a large lotus leaf with relief veins, the stone white with natural russet markings.

  • R8996


    Chinese jade openwork pendant carved in the form of a squirrel on a fruiting grape vine with a large leaf with touches of brown russet, the squirrel with hairwork on its tail, the stone white with russet.

  • R9653


    A Chinese pale celadon jade openwork plaque carved with two standing cranes amongst lotus leaves, flowers and arrow heads.

  • R1161


    A Chinese jade openwork and reticulated plaque carved in high relief in two registers with seven boys playing and holding ornaments, the top register with a central boy skipping beneath a raised skipping rope held by two boys at his sides, with a bird in flight, pine tree, other plants and rockwork all beneath cloud sprays and within a singular frame, the back with pierced trellis pattern, the stone white with grey markings.

  • M2936


    A Chinese jade mythical animal in a crouching position with single horn, its head turned back, holding a flowering peony branch in its mouth, with detailed hairwork to the tail and mane and flames at the haunches, the stone pale celadon with slight russet markings.

  • JL1


    A Chinese white jade vase and cover of double-gourd form, carved in high relief with two boys amongst rockwork and stylised clouds, one holding a large flowering lotus branch with leaves over his shoulder, amongst bats in-flight, the dome-shaped cover surmounted with a branch.

  • S952 SB21


    A Chinese pale celadon and russet jade carving of a standing figure of Yan Ci wearing a deer- skin and holding a milk pail and a branch of lingzhi fungus.

  • M2871


    Chinese pale celadon jade carving of a goose with its young seated on a large lotus leaf, each holding the branch of the lotus flower in its beak, with detailed work to the wings and the neatly carved round eyes.

  • M4765


    Chinese white jade bi disc carved in high relief with a bifid tailed chi-dragon holding a lingzhi branch in its mouth with detailed hairwork to its mane, the underside with a spiral grain pattern.

  • M2446


    Chinese white jade pendant carved as two lingzhi fruit with leafy branch and seeds, the lingzhi cleverly carved with fluting, the stone of even white tone.

  • S2485


    Chinese white jade plaque carved in the form of a recumbent horse with its head turned back holding a flowering branch of magnolia in its mouth and resting on a large leaf, with detailed hairwork to the mane and tail, the back flat.

  • M4764


    Chinese white jade hairpin carved with a naturalistic lingzhi ruyi head and a bamboo branch, the underside with branch form openwork top.

  • SBhorse


    A Chinese pale celadon and russet jade carving of a recumbent horse with head turned back and left leg raised with detailed carving to the hooves and hair work to the tail and plaited mane.

  • R1011


    Chinese jade rhyton carved as a naturalistic pine trunk with three extending elaborate pine branches in pale celadon taupe with russet markings, all on a gnarled naturalistic ground, the pale celadon branch with two tree shrews holding a pine leaf.

  • SB49/M1877


    A Chinese pale celadon jade mottled with yellow inclusions peach tree raft, carved in high relief with two scholars seated at a table drinking wine in large cups beside two wine jars, another standing scholar steering the naturalistic wood raft with a lingzhi form rudder, the raft carved on both sides with gnarled wood effect and containing a large peony bloom at the front, the back of the raft with a large overhanging peach tree formed from the raft with fruit and leaves, the underside with swirl wave pattern.

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