Jade & Hardstone

Available Pieces
  • R8967


    Reclining horse, ma, the ears folded back, with detailed hairwork to its mane and tail, looking back at a monkey, hou, climbing on its hind quarters, its hands on the horse’s nose, the monkey with a furrowed brow and detailed hairwork to its spine, the stone mottled dark and light grey.

  • M166


    Chinese jade large openwork finial, carved with eight cranes and a goose amongst branches of flowering lotus with leaves and arrowheads, all on an oval flat base, pierced on the underside with four pairs of holes for attachment, the stone white with mottled areas.

  • M2972


    Chinese jade standing elephant, xiang, draped with a tasselled cloth, each side with a shou-character medallion on a geometric brocade wan-character ground, with detailed hairwork to the elephant’s tail, the feet neatly finished on the underside, a boy kneeling on its back holding a branch of flowering prunus, the stone white with slight russet markings.

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  • M2942b


    Chinese jade baluster vase and cover of flattened form, with two open-work archaic-style dragon handles, carved on the body in high relief with a three-clawed dragon in pursuit of a flaming pearl amongst ruyi-head clouds, above crested waves with an open-winged bat in flight, the reverse with a double gourd issuing ruyi-clouds above waves, the corners with stylised rope, one with a hanging basket of peaches beneath lotus leaves on the rim and cover and a lotus pod-form finial, the stone pale celadon, mottled and russet.

  • M2732


    Chinese jade vase of flattened rectangular tapered baluster form with two mythological animal mask and loose ring handles, carved in low relief on each side with a double-xi character, encircled by stylised peony flowerheads on scrolling branches linked by a ruyi-head and ring in a recessed frame beneath archaic-style lappets and ruyi-heads all between incised keyfret bands on the rim and foot, the sides with two individual xi characters each within a frame with a single ruyi-head border, the stone very pale celadon with slight natural darker markings.

  • S2534


    Chinese jade cup in the form of a magnolia flower, with high relief branches, leaves and buds emanating from the base of the cup, each petal incised with lines, the stone white.

  • M3123


    Chinese white jade small belt buckle carved with archaic style scrolls and cicada in a slightly recessed panel, with open-mouth dragon head hook, the underside plain, the stone white with slight russet marking.

  • R8773


    A Chinese jade standing model of Liu Hai holding a long string of cash and a broom with his three legged toad perched on his shoulder and holding a coin in his other hand, finely carved with detailed work, the stone of pale celadon tone.

  • R8774


    A pale celadon jade carving of a standing boy holding a branch, his long hair in curls at his shoulder, his robe tied at the waist.

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