Japanese & Korean

Available Pieces
  • M5396


    A Japanese porcelain Kakiemon polychrome deep bowl with foliate lobed upright brown dressed rim, painted on the exterior with two elaborate-tailed birds in flight between branches of bamboo, leaves and rockwork, the interior with flowering branches of plum blossom amongst rockwork, all painted in luminous tones of blue, turquoise and iron red enamels. The glazed base with a single ring in underglaze blue and a spur mark. The white fine biscuit foot rim revealing the body.

  • M5399


    A large Japanese porcelain Kakiemon blue and white octagonal lobed deep dish, painted in the centre with a bird perched on a branch of bamboo amongst bamboo leaves and roots, encircled by eight lobes, painted in pairs with pine and bamboo branches, fruits and other branches, each with cash styled ground beneath a brown dressed rim, the underside with plum blossom on a continuous scrolling leafy branch, the glazed base with five spur marks from the firing. The white glaze fine biscuit foot rim revealing the body. Japanese wood box.

  • M5140/M4476


    A pair of large Japanese Imari porcelain chargers heightened in polychrome including green, aubergine and black enamel, each painted in the centre with iron-red, gilt and underglaze blue with a vase of peony and prunus between birds perched on branches looking in at each other, the elaborate border with shaped reserves of peony flower heads and buds between butterflies with chrysanthemum, leaves and stylised clouds.

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  • M4739


    A Japanese Arita porcelain octagonal bowl with lobed everted rim, painted on the exterior in coloured enamels; green, yellow and turquoise, iron-red, gilt and underglaze blue, with continuous aster flowers and scrolling branches of foliage, the interior well with a large chrysanthemum bloom on a circular branch within a double ring, all below eight alternating panels of flowering chrysanthemum and daisies, below the everted rim with a band of triangular gilt branch with single bloom on a blue ground, alternating with coloured and gilt branches of flowers, the base with an underglaze blue double-ring.

  • M4740


    A Japanese Arita porcelain petal shape circular bowl, painted in green enamel, iron red, gilt and underglaze blue, on the exterior painted with a pine tree and another flowering tree beside branches of peonies, the interior well with a large chrysanthemum bloom within an underglaze blue double ring and below branches of flowers, the base with a running fuku mark within a double square, all within a single ring.

  • R9038


    A large Japanese porcelain globular vase and cover, covered overall in a creamy crackle glaze and decorated on either sides with a vase of flowers and blue, copper red and gilt enamels, the neck decorated with a draped piece of fabric tied with a rope at the rim, continuing with a dragon on the cover.

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