Kawase Shinobu - Master of Celadon, a retrospective

Marchant are delighted and honoured to announce their first contemporary art exhibition in almost 100 years of business, “Kawase Shinobu – Master of Celadon, a retrospective”. The exhibition features 52 pieces by the ‘Master of Celadon’, Kawase Shinobu. It is the first time in Europe that a major and comprehensive retrospective exhibition of his work has taken place. There are pieces from the 1970’s up to and including a piece fired as recently as 2020, as well as a number of pieces made for special exhibitions.

Available Pieces
  • 48. M5268


    Japanese porcelain pale celadon lavender glazed tall flower vase of ‘penguin’ form, the slender body with double-pinched rim, bulb-form neck and flared foot, covered overall on the interior and base with an even celadon lavender glaze thinning at the rim, the unglazed foot rim revealing the biscuit body.

  • 49. YI5


    Japanese porcelain shallow fire-red and celadon glazed wine cup covered overall on the underside and interior in a persimmon red glaze, oxidizing in the well, the exterior and base with green and silver markings beneath a brown rim and on a short brown biscuit foot rim.

  • 50. YI1


    Japanese porcelain celadon glazed incense holder or waterpot and cover of persimmon form, covered overall on the base, interior and underside of the cover in a celadon ‘hare’s fur’ speckled glaze, the inner rim of the vessel and cover revealing the brown biscuit body, the flat foot rim glazed over.

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  • 51. YI8


    Japanese porcelain sake bottle, tokuri, with a celadon lavender crackled glaze, the body of fruit form, the indented underside forming three naturalistic feet, with slender neck and slightly everted rim in brown revealing the body.

  • 52. M5269


    Japanese porcelain pale celadon lavender glazed rounded jar and cover of globular form with gently domed cover and straight foot, covered overall on the interior and underside with a rich even pale celadon lavender glaze.

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