Qing Porcelain From Three Private Collections

The exhibition comprises 28 pieces from three esteemed collectors of Qing ceramics from the late 1800’s until today.

Tang Shaoyi was the first Prime Minister of the Republic of China in 1912. He was a well-known collector of imperial Chinese porcelain of his time, however he was assassinated at his home in 1938 by a Juntong squad impersonating antique sellers.

Frenchman Henry Mazot lived and worked in Peking from the 1920’s to the 1940’s and eventually became Chairman of the Bank of Indochina. It was during this time he built his collection of Chinese porcelain.

Jeffrey Stamen is an avid collector of Chinese porcelain and is extremely well-respected for his knowledge and study on Kangxi throughout the world. He has been a great friend of Marchant over the years.

Notable pieces are an early Kangxi fish dish with copper-red, a Kangxi imperial immortal saucer dish, a Kangxi celadon-ground carved brushpot with chilong dragons, a Kangxi powder-blue ground vase with immortals, an imperial Yongzheng red bowl and an imperial Kangxi yellow and green dragon bowl.

Available Pieces
  • M4662


    Chinese porcelain blue and white large dish with flat everted rim, painted with a large wicker-work basket of flowers including prunus, peach flower, chrysanthemum, magnolia, peony and hydrangea on a stand with ruyi-head feet, beneath an upright gate-form bamboo handle tied with a ribbon at the top, the underside with branches of camellia, peony and prunus.

  • M4661


    Chinese porcelain blue and white and underglaze copper-red large deep saucer dish with gently flared rim, painted in the centre with a crab encircled by four carp and a mandarin carp, with shrimp and shell amongst a shoal of copper-red fish and guppies, with aquatic plants, arrow heads, leaves and roe, all within a single underglaze blue line, the underside and base glazed white with a wide channel foot rim.

  • M4644


    Chinese imperial porcelain blue and white deep dish thickly potted with gently flared rim, painted on the interior with three elderly immortals discussing their age, while standing on a rocky promontory beside their attendant and a deer, beneath overhanging rockwork and pine branches, looking out towards a sea house, with a crane in flight delivering a bamboo strip of longevity into the receptacle in the window, thus extending the lifespan of the immortal by one hundred years, the underside painted with islands and a fisherman.

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