Chinese porcelain blue and white kosometsuke incense burner modelled as a rectangular box, the cover with a reclining Buddhist lion splashed with fukozumi on the body, the raised rectangular plinth form base painted on the wide side in reverse technique with a flowerhead and scrolling branches on a blue ground, the ends with a precious double lozenge, all between double lines in underglaze blue.

4 1/8 inches, 10.5 cm long; 4 ¾ inches, 12 cm high.

Tianqi, 1621-1627.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in the collection of Dr. Cornelius Osgood and Soo Sui-long Osgood.

Dr. Cornelius Osgood was a former professor of anthropology at Yale University and a leading scholar of the cultures of the Arctic and East Asia. He was also the author of Blue-And-White Chinese Porcelain; A Study of Form.

  • A similar example from the Mujintang collection, purchased in Kyoto, 2014, was included by Robert Bradlow in Reflecting Nature, 17th Century Chinese Ceramics for the Japanese Market: Kosometsuke and Ko-akai, no. 4, pp. 14/5.



Excellent, mushikui and natural bubble burst.